‘What Protein are you on?’

Clearing up the Confusion

Supplements are something we are consistently asked about so here is our opinion

We could go as far as to quote studies and do a full literature review and perhaps we will on other issues but this is a topic we con
tinually read up on and can speak freely about.

Do i need protein?

YES! just as you need carbohydrates and fats everybody need protein in their diet. The confusion starts when you add training into the picture.

You’ll often hear people in the gym talking about how much protein they have had like its going to be the difference between being the Hulk and Minnie Mouse.

Now although it has been proven in numerous studies that you need extra protein in your diet to recover and grow from training its blown way out of proportion.

Supplement companies love to let you think that you need to blow half your wage on different powders in order to put an ounce of muscle on. Of course they do! 

They have jumped on these studies and paraphrased them to make it sound like the more supplements you consume, the bigger you will become.

This is simply not true! In fact you don’t need any supplements at all!

Will they help?

Of course they have their uses and a good whey protein can help get some protein into your system faster than real food could. This can be useful directly after training or even intra workout.

Yes spending half your wage on supplements may help drag your ass to the gym out of guilt but 9 times out of 10 real food is what you need.

Which One Shall I Buy Then?

Here the key lies with education! Ask your self WHY your using it? What for?

There are several different types of protein blended and branded in different ways.

Casein may be useful before bed as its digested over several hours, Whey may be useful straight after training because its digested quickly and blends (can be branded as any protein) are a mix of different types.

Now I understand that not everyone is committed enough to cook numerous meals a day and use them for convenience but personally I wouldn’t bother with anything other than a Whey.

However what I will say is that you should check the ingredients if you want to get the best value. If Hydrolysed Whey or Whey isolate are above Whey concentrate then you’re probably onto a winner.

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How Much Protein Do I Need?

Probably a lot less than you think!

There has been a plethora of studies on this subject and we use the most conclusive to calculate calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats needed  to affect your body.

Everybody is different and we must take into account your age, weight, height, body fat and activity levels. Check out our Calculator here.


Eat food not powder!

Have Hydrolysed or Isolate Whey after training.

if you want to really up your game or have more fun and you can afford it then feel free to mix it up.

Eat the right amount to achieve your goals.

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